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Safe Operation Of The DCS Central Control System Is Very Important, You Must Not Pay Attention!
Nov 01, 2018

DCS is the central control system, it is responsible for the whole plant data collection, processing, monitoring to achieve control, optimization, scheduling, security, management purposes.

Central control is the core of factory automation, will be conducive to the factory to increase the safety of production, reduce energy consumption and raw material consumption, improve equipment utilization and labor productivity, improve the overall competitiveness. DCS Central control System is a comprehensive control system which comes into being with the rising of modern large-scale industrial production automation and the increasing complexity of process control requirements. It is a combination of computer technology, System control technology, network communication technology and multimedia technology, and it is a modernized equipment to complete control and process management, and it has broad application foreground.

The whole DCS central control system consists of three parts: the centralized management part, the decentralized control monitoring part and the network communication part.

When the staff in the operation of DCs control system safety procedures are as follows: 

1, the requirement to wear a good personal labor protection supplies, or can not work. 

2, before the work must check to confirm intercom, telephone and other contact tools intact, indoor equipment normal to operate.

3, the computer and the operation of the Panel is strictly prohibited to discard sundries or put items, strictly prohibited in the industrial computer editing documents, but also do not allow anyone to use mobile storage devices. 

4, the work of the scope of responsibility outside the machinery, electrical appliances, instruments must not disorderly touch, to ensure the safety of personal, equipment. 

5, in the production process should concentrate on observing the operation of each process, closely monitor the temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc., the abnormal situation immediately report to the monitor. 

6, the main control room fire equipment must be properly kept. 7, regular inspection, overhaul, maintenance, confirm that the equipment is normal, must be in maintenance and repair back to operate the card, before the operation.