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What Principles Should Be Followed For The Purchase Of Pressure Transmitters?
Nov 01, 2018

Pressure transmitters are available in a wide range of models and are versatile, depending on the application. The selection of pressure transmitters needs to follow the principle. The general selection of pressure transmitters should be based on the nature of the tested media, mainly based on saving money, easy installation and maintenance.


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The key to the general selection depends on whether the medium is corroded to the metal of the bellows, that is to say, the material of the bellows is the most important. If you choose improperly after a short period of time, the outer membrane will be corroded and the flange will be corroded and cause equipment and personal accidents. Therefore, material selection is very important. The diaphragm of the pressure transmitter is made of ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, and diaphragm case material.

In addition, the temperature of the measured medium should be considered in the selection, and the corresponding type should be selected according to different temperature values. For example, if the temperature is generally 200 ° C ~ 400 ° C, the high temperature type should be used, otherwise the silicone oil will vaporize and expand. Make the measurement inaccurate. Moreover, it must also meet the specific pressure level. The pressure rating of the transmitter must match the application. From an economic point of view, the outer membrane box and the insert part are more suitable, but the connecting flange can be carbon steel or chrome-plated, which will save a lot of money.

It should be noted here that the isolated pressure transmitter is preferably selected in the form of a threaded connection, which saves money and is convenient to install.

As with the isolated pressure transmitter, for the selection of the ordinary pressure transmitter, the corrosiveness of the measured medium should also be considered, but the medium temperature used can be ignored, because the ordinary type pressure is introduced into the meter. The long-term working temperature is normal temperature, but the maintenance type of the ordinary type is larger than that of the isolated type. The first is the insulation problem. In the winter in the north, the pressure guiding tube will freeze, the transmitter will not work and even damage, which requires the addition of heat and incubators.

In order to save money, as long as it is not a crystallization medium, ordinary pressure transmitters can be used, and for low-pressure and easy-crystallization media, it can also be indirectly measured by adding a purge medium. The application of a common pressure transmitter requires maintenance personnel to perform more regular inspections. , including whether the various pressure guiding tubes leak, whether the cleaning medium is normal, whether the insulation is good, etc., as long as the maintenance is good, a large amount of ordinary pressure transmitters will save a lot of investment.

In addition, the choice of pressure transmitter also needs to be selected according to the measurement range. Generally, the pressure transmitter has a certain range adjustable range. It is better to set the range of the range to 14~34 of its range, so the accuracy is guaranteed, which is more important for the differential pressure transmitter. In practice, some applications require the measurement range of the transmitter to be migrated, and the measurement range and migration amount are calculated according to the site installation position. The migration has positive and negative migration points.

At present, the most common use is the intelligent pressure transmitter, which not only has high precision, large adjustable range, but also has very convenient adjustment and good stability. It should be considered when selecting the type. According to the design specifications, in the selection of engineering design, whether pneumatic or electric transmitters are used, because of their special features, should be comprehensively considered and analyzed according to the specific conditions of the device.