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Yokogawa Reached an Agreement with Sphera to Provide Risk Assessment and Consulting Services for Plant Facilities.
Dec 14, 2018

Yokogawa announced that a marketing agreement has been reached with Sphera, a leading company in the integrated risk management software and information services industry, focusing on environmental health and safety, operational risk and product management. From December 3, 2018, Yokogawa will provide Sphera's risk assessment and advisory services.


According to the agreement, Yokogawa will strengthen risk management services covering the entire plant life cycle, from the design stage of plant construction or renovation to the engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of safety instrumentation system (SIS). Through this partnership, Sphera will help Yokogawa customers improve the quality of risk assessment activities worldwide and develop more accurate and efficient security management systems using the assessment results.


In the energy and basic material industries such as petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical industry, steel and so on, as enterprises continue to seek ways to improve occupational health, maintain safety and protect the environment, the safety of factory operation has been paid more and more attention. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out risk assessment at the design stage of new or renovated factories. These assessments include risk identification, potential risk assessment and identification of measures to reduce risk. Sphera's consultants are experts who help companies comply with international risk standards and have extensive experience in providing risk assessment and advisory services to industries around the world.


Yokogawa provides production control systems to customers in the energy and basic materials industries through a network of Companies in 61 countries. Through this partnership with Sphera, Yokogawa will be able to provide risk assessment and advisory services to its customers. Masatoshi Nakahara, Yokogawa Director, Executive Vice President and Head of IA Systems and Services Headquarters, said: "Yokogawa provides ProSafe-RS Safety Instrument System (SIS), which detects abnormalities in factory operations and initiates emergency operations such as parking to help customers operate their factories safely." "Based on the concept of our sustainable SIS solution, we have adopted a systematic approach to maintain the safe operation of the plant. We started to provide related services, systems and software packages in 2017. Sphera's evaluation results will be compiled into a database for designing SIS and evaluating its performance. This method is not only conducive to maintaining and improving the safety of customer factories, but also conducive to accelerating system engineering and improving its performance.


Paul Marushka, president and CEO of Sphera, added: "We are delighted to work with Yokogawa Motor. We are honored to complement Yokogawa's proven security and operating system with Sphera's sophisticated operational risk solutions and expertise. The integrated solutions generated by this cooperation will help customers optimize production, ensure workers'safety, achieve sustainable production and improve operational capacity.

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