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Discussion On The Application And Necessity Of Gas Detection Instrument
Nov 01, 2018

In some oil, chemical, coal and other industries, departments in the production and processing and transportation process, there may be a variety of flammable explosive gas or liquid leakage phenomenon, for these leakage of gas need our real-time detection, this is inseparable from the gas detector. such as alkanes, benzene, alcohols and toxic and harmful gases such as gasoline, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and so on, once a leak, and the surrounding air mixed with the formation of a mixture of explosive danger, in its surrounding space to form a dangerous place with explosion and toxicity. In the explosion of dangerous places, once the presence of fire or heat source and the concentration of combustible gas at this time is exactly in the explosion concentration range, will cause fire and explosion accidents, will cause great loss to people's lives and property safety, thus, to ensure production safety, we must understand the characteristics of these toxic and harmful gases,

And the use of modern instrumentation to detect the alarm, in order to prevent the frequent occurrence of dangerous accidents. Generally speaking, the use of gas detector environment is relatively poor, surrounded by a variety of toxic and harmful, corrosive gases, dust, in order to enable the gas detector to better play the value of the need to pay special attention to maintenance, will likely affect the gas detector factors considered comprehensive, so as to ensure the detection of the correctness of the data,

Therefore, the gas detector maintenance is also an important measure of protection work. Selection of qualified gas detector, and the use of the correct operation method, timely maintenance, to ensure the smooth operation of the gas detector and prolong its service life, in order to make it play the greatest role.