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Wide Application Of Flow Meters
Nov 01, 2018

Flow metering is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, scientific research and foreign trade, and various fields of people's lives. In the production of petroleum industry, from oil extraction, transportation, refining and smelting processing to trade sales, flow metering runs through the whole process. Flow measurement is inseparable from any link. Otherwise, normal production and trade relations of the petroleum industry will not be guaranteed. . In the chemical industry, inaccurate flow metering can cause imbalances in chemical composition ratios, failing to ensure product quality, and serious production safety accidents. In the power industry production, the measurement and regulation of medium, such as liquid, gas, steam, etc., plays an important role. Accuracy of flow metering is not only of great economic significance for ensuring that power plants operate under optimal parameters, but with the development of high-temperature and high-pressure large-capacity units, flow measurement has become an important part of ensuring the safe operation of power plants. If the instantaneous feed water flow rate of a large-capacity boiler is interrupted or reduced, it may cause a serious dry pan or pipe burst accident. This requires the flow measuring device not only to accurately measure, but also to issue an alarm signal in time. In the steel industry production, the flow measurement of circulating water and oxygen (or air) in the steelmaking process is one of the important parameters to ensure product quality. In the light industry, food, textile and other industries, it is also inseparable from the flow meter.

The more widely used transducers are clip-on and plug-in. The mono ultrasonic flowmeter is simple in structure and convenient to use, but the flowmeter has poor adaptability to changes in flow distribution. The rapid development of microelectronics technology and computer technology has greatly promoted the upgrading of instruments, and new flowmeters have sprung up. So far, hundreds of flow meters have been reported to be on the market, and many difficult problems in field use are expected to be solved. The operation of the modern flow measurement technology in Dubai of UAE is relatively late, and is disposed at the upstream end of the measurement flow channel 6 with respect to the holes 11 and 12 for reducing the flow of the measured fluid into the holes 11 and 12; the measurement control unit 19 is used for measurement The propagation time of the ultrasonic waves between the ultrasonic transducers 8 and 9; and a calculation section 20 for calculating the flow rate based on the signal of the measurement control section 19.

The flowmeter should try to avoid ferromagnetic objects and equipment with strong electromagnetic fields (such as large motors, large transformers, etc.) to prevent the magnetic field from affecting the working magnetic field and flow signal of the sensor. The flow signal line and the excitation line between the sensor scoop converters. However, from the analysis of damaged components in lightning faults, the induced high voltage and surge currents that cause faults are mostly introduced from the control room power line, and the other two approaches are less. Since the electromagnetic flowmeter measures much more than the other flow meters when measuring the suspended solid phase or the dirty body, the probability of failure of the inner wall adhesion layer is relatively high. If the adhesion layer conductivity is similar to the liquid conductivity. Common debug period failures are usually not properly installed.

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