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Pressure Transmitter High Speed Development Trend
Nov 01, 2018

High-speed development of pressure transmitters:

Pressure, differential pressure transmitter is the most important type of process variable transmitter, the use of a wide range, in addition to pressure, differential pressure measurement, but also for the flow, liquid level, Pressure transmitters According to the measurement mechanism, the most commonly used are capacitive, inductive, dispersed silicon, vibrating string and so on. In addition to the accuracy of the DR Type micro-differential pressure transmitter used to measure the head of the kiln is 0.5%, the other is mostly 0.25%, it is characterized by the use of 4ma~20ma transmission of imitation appearance, in situ display table head for the pointer type, the amount of turndown at 6:1 at the mercy of the stability for 6 months, this is the first generation of analog transmitters. The second generation of goods is an intelligent transmitter, the concept of the so-called intelligent: sensors and transmitters are microprocessor-driven, and have the ability to communicate and self-diagnosis. In addition to high accuracy (0.1%~0.075%), a large number of turndown (up to 100:1) and high stability (1-5 years), the intelligent pressure transmitter typically comes with a Hart protocol or a company-produced protocol,

Later, the product also has an FF or PROFIBUS-PA protocol, which conforms to the international standard of fieldbus, it can be changed into digital type in the local display table, and the remote configuration data is completed remotely or remotely with a hand manipulator or a remote control system. Into the 21st century, the third generation transmitter! Digital intelligent transmitters have gradually entered the people's horizon. The third generation transmitter, because of the use of leading inspection skills, eliminating moisture, dust and other harsh environment on the transmitter measurement of the impact of higher accuracy, it is said that its accuracy is better than 0.05%, the range of sub-file finer, stability reached more than 5 years; The new transmitter also passed the safety proof, To ensure safe shutdown when technical conditions exceed critical values. Because the second generation of transmitters have been satisfied with the cement plant monitoring request, and the third generation of the transmitter price is also high, so I think in the cement plant temporarily unsuitable for implementation.