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Yokogawa Successfully Passed The Second-level Safety Production Standardization Review
Dec 18, 2018

Under the attention and guidance of the leaders at all levels of the company, through the joint efforts of various departments, the company successfully passed the re-evaluation and acceptance of the national second-level safety production standardization construction on November 17, 2018.

In this standardization construction process, for each new and old equipment power line and new factory electrical wiring and other object facilities, each department has adjusted manpower and material resources, and made a lot of key improvements according to the corresponding technical specifications. At the same time, the basic technical accounts such as special equipment and electrical circuits were sorted out, and the management documents such as the “Safety Production Responsibility System Assessment Method” and “Safe Production Cost Management System” were revised.

The evaluation expert group shall follow the GB/T33000-2016 "Basic Standards for Enterprise Safety Production Standardization", through the combination of on-site inspection and inspection of data, in accordance with the relevant standards for the second-level safety production standardization assessment, control of safety risks, hidden dangers, and emergency management. Wait for 8 elements to perform a full coverage and strict inspection. After the comprehensive review, the expert group put forward guiding rectification opinions on the existing problems and fully affirmed the importance and actual improvement actions of the company's safety production standardization work. It was agreed that the national second-class compliance enterprise rating standard was met and the acceptance was accepted.

At this meeting, Director Wu of the Emergency Management Bureau believed that the safety management of Chongqing Yokogawa Instrument Co., Ltd. was at a high level in the same industry in the city and Beibei District. I hope that our company can fulfill its safety standards and fulfill its standards. Social responsibility, sharing safety management concepts and management methods with other units of Sichuan Instruments and upstream suppliers, promoting the safety production management of relevant units and improving the overall safety production performance of the society.