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Application Field Of Flow Measurement Technology And Instrumentation
Nov 01, 2018

The application of flow measurement technology and instrumentation generally has the following fields.

Industrial production

Flow meter is one of the large-scale instruments in process automation instruments and devices. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical, petroleum, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and people's daily life. In all areas of the national economy, it is an important tool for developing industrial and agricultural production, saving energy, improving product quality, and improving economic efficiency and management level. It plays an important role in the national economy. In process automation instruments and devices, flow meters have two functions: as a test instrument for the process automation control system and a total meter for measuring the quantity of materials.

Energy metering

Energy is divided into primary energy (coal, crude oil, coalbed methane, petroleum gas and natural gas), secondary energy (electricity, coke, artificial gas, refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas, steam) and energy-carrying refrigerant (compressed air, oxygen, Nitrogen, hydrogen, water, etc. Energy metering is an important means of scientifically managing energy, achieving energy conservation and reducing consumption, and improving economic efficiency. Flow meters are an important part of energy metering. Water, artificial gas, natural gas, steam and oil use a very large number of flow meters, which are indispensable tools for energy management and economic accounting.

Environmental protection

The emissions of flue gas, waste liquid, sewage, etc. seriously pollute the atmosphere and water resources, and seriously threaten the human living environment. The country regards sustainable development as a national policy, and environmental protection will be the biggest issue in the 21st century. Air and water pollution must be controlled, and management must be strengthened. The basis of management is quantitative control of pollution volume. Flowmeters have an irreplaceable position in terms of flue gas emissions, sewage, and waste gas treatment.

Dubai of UAE is a country with coal as its main source of energy. There are millions of chimneys in the country that continuously emit smoke into the atmosphere. Flue gas emission control is an important project to cure pollution. Each chimney must be equipped with a flue gas analysis instrument and a flow meter to form a flail emission monitoring system. The flow rate of flue gas is very difficult. The difficulty is that the chimney is large in size and irregular in shape, the gas composition changes indefinitely, the flow rate range is large, dirt, dust, corrosion, high temperature, and no straight pipe section.


There are five ways: railway, air, water and pipeline transportation. Although pipeline transportation has already existed, the application is not common. With the outstanding environmental protection issues, the characteristics of pipeline transportation have attracted people's attention. Pipeline transportation must be equipped with a flow meter, which is the eye for control, distribution and dispatch, and is an essential tool for safety monitoring and economic accounting.