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​Yokogawa Released the Product in the OpreX Operational Risk Management Series Field Assistant R2.03 —Improve the Quality and Efficiency of On-Site Inspections by Improving Operability
Dec 21, 2018

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced that it has enhanced field assistant software for on-site inspection of industrial facilities and released Field Assistant R2.03.

Field Assistant is a solution for Yokogawa's OpreXTM operational risk management portfolio. When installed on a tablet, the software gives field users access to checklists, manuals, and many other types of documents, improving the quality and efficiency of routine patrols at the manufacturing site. With the release of Field Assistant R2.03, the software now runs on smartphones and improves operability with an updated Human Machine Interface (HMI).

 1.Development Background

In many factories, personnel conduct on-site inspections on a regular basis, patrol along prescribed routes, and inspect field instruments at specific locations along the way to ensure the safety and good working order of facilities and equipment. Inspection results are usually manually recorded on the print list and submitted for review. In order to reduce the amount of recording work, prevent input errors, and share results, many customers indicated that they would like to be able to directly input these results to a tablet or other type of mobile device.

 To meet the needs of customers, Yokogawa developed the original version of Field Assistant, enabling inspectors to enter inspection results into the tablet. With the release of Field AssistantR2.03, the software is now available on smartphones, and the HMI has been improved to make it easier and more intuitive to use. In addition to making it easy to record checklists, Field Assistant software can also initiate downloading of relevant files to mobile devices, and the reviewer can refer to the mobile device when needed. To improve the efficiency of business management, data in the Field Assistant can be associated with data recorded and managed using the business management software package.



2.1Compatible with smartphone

Field Assistant R2.03 software can run not only on tablets, but also on any smartphone with Google AndroidTM operating system. Customers can choose the device that best suits them.

2.2Updated human machine interface

Through the HMI, users can access a digital list of inspection items and related documents such as operating manuals, specifications and installation manuals. In R2.03, by using large UI components (created with Google's material design) to display frequently used information, display bar and pie charts, visual inspection of work progress is more intuitive, and the screen layout is already targeted The hand (based on the thumb) is optimized for use. R2.03 is also used to record audio and freehand functions on images, and now supports Japanese as a user interface language in addition to English.

2.3Automatic report

Field Assistant R2.03 also adds automatic reporting. After entering the work record in the field, this function can automatically send the work record to the manager by email. This eliminates the need to write a report and can check progress immediately.


3.Main Market

Oil and gas, petrochemical, fine chemicals and other industries that require operators and maintenance personnel to conduct on-site inspections on a regular basis.



Record on-site information when performing patrols or routine maintenance, and refer to relevant information.


5.About OpreX

OpreX is Yokogawa's new comprehensive brand for its industrial automation (IA) and control business products. The OpreX brand represents the excellence of Yokogawa's technology and solutions that create value through collaboration with customers, covering the entire spectrum of the company's IA products, services and solutions. The brand includes the following five categories: OpreX Transformation, OpreX Control, OpreX Measurement, OpreX Execution, and OpreX Lifecycle. Field Assistance is the solution in the OpreX operational risk management portfolio in the OpreX transformation category, providing companies with superior operational capabilities throughout production, supply chain optimization, risk and enterprise management.

 Through this brand, Yokogawa will provide comprehensive solutions to meet the specific needs of customers and support the transformation and development of their customers' businesses.

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