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ORP Meter
Feb 15, 2019

ORP meter converts the redox potential signal by measuring the potential difference between the platinum or gold electrode and the reference electrode. The electrodes for redox potential measurement can be combined with a conversion amplifier, and the conversion amplifier part is the same as that for pH measurement.


ORP meter can be used for drainage treatment (cyanogen treatment, chromic acid treatment), sodium carbonate electrolyte solution (sodium hypochlorite), food, Petri dishes, etc. When using, please choose the suitable electrode and probe.


Measurement range: - 1500 (reduction) - +1500mV (oxidation)

Measuring temperature: - 5 - 80℃(corresponding to 105℃)

Measuring pressure: atmospheric pressure to 50kPa

Types of probe: input type, immersion type, flow type, lift type, float type