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Solutions——Operational Management
Jan 19, 2019


Operational management in the industrial automation industry refers to the process of designing, conceiving, and coordinating factory production and business systems.

◆The Work Permit

The Work Permit (PTW) is a formal communication system for risk identification, management, control and communication – a module of Yokogawa's fully integrated operational operations management solution “Real-Time Production Guidance System”.


◆Incident /Failure Management

Incident management is a vital business process that helps avoid accidents that occur in complex chemical operations or cause major accidents. Yokogawa's solutions focus on the "human-factory-process" three elements and are part of the Yokogawa's fully integrated operational management solution RPO, part of the production guidance system (module).


◆Engineering Information Management System

Yokogawa's open-standard historical database products and engineering information management system solutions make it easy to capture real-time data from the plant and create a valuable data foundation for the plant. Compared to similar products, our solutions require lower engineering costs when implemented. This is our most prominent feature.



◆Production indicator board (RPO - Production Management System VP)

The RPO Production Management System VP is a core component of Yokogawa's real-time production management suite. It is a unified platform that enables customers to unlock the true potential of valuable production assets.


◆Operation Management (RPO - Production Guidance System VP)

The Production Guidance System VP helps ensure safe and reliable operation by digitizing the information required for operational management practices.