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Rosemount™ 8782 new slurry electromagnetic flowmeter
Jan 10, 2020

Flow measurement solutions help improve product quality, reduce raw material costs, and reduce waste and rework.

Rosemount™ 8782 is a slurry electromagnetic flowmeter designed for high noise and slurry applications for the oil and gas, mining, and pulp and paper industries. With robust coil and advanced signal processing functions, it can obtain sensitive and stable flow signals even in high noise applications. With 25 years of product experience in these challenging applications, the new slurry electromagnetic flowmeter can help improve product quality, reduce raw material costs, and reduce waste and rework.

electromagnetic flowmeter

If the customer's fluid contains many particles, slag, pulp or sand, or the process is noisy or the signal is unstable, it is suitable to use this slurry electromagnetic flowmeter (or slurry MAG) as a flow measurement solution. With the latest advanced signal processing function, the slurry electromagnetic flowmeter is the first product in the industry that can adapt to the changing process conditions in real time. Without excessive damping, the noise in the flow signal can be eliminated, providing the operator with reliable measurement and calculation results.

Accurate measurement of process flow is essential for efficient plant operation, so the slurry electromagnetic flowmeter uses advanced signal processing functions that can be used for real-time diagnosis, providing the reliability of flow measurement and the function of automatic control loop.

The Rosemount™ 8782 slurry electromagnetic flowmeter includes more standard diagnostics, such as ground and wiring fault detection, to help ensure that the flowmeter is correctly installed at the first installation. The optional advanced process diagnosis can help users understand the performance in depth by detecting and diagnosing the large process noise, and can also be actively maintained in the application of worrying about wall hanging, such as in the application of pulper with variable pitch in wood fiber that may lead to wall hanging of flowmeter.

8782 slurry electromagnetic flowmeter includes Emerson's patented intelligent instrument self calibration function, which can diagnose or calibrate the instrument in a simple way. The diagnosis or calibration process that used to take several hours is now shortened to several minutes. Although the 8782 transmitter is designed to be used with MS sensor, it is also compatible with the existing 8707 transmitter. Any existing Emerson solution user can use its signal processing and advanced diagnosis functions to meet the challenging application requirements.

The advanced functions of Rosemount slurry electromagnetic flowmeter can help customers better achieve their operational objectives. Advanced signal processing can adapt to the changing flow, without the problems caused by traditional damping methods, and provide more accurate flow feedback when needed, so as to help ensure the efficiency of the whole process, reduce waste and make efficient use of valuable resources.