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Brief Introduction of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZR22G
Dec 14, 2018


In the manufacturing process of multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC: Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor), drying treatment is needed to remove the adhesive. The oxygen concentration in roaster was measured and controlled by zirconia oxygen analyzer.



Controlling oxygen concentration in drying process is very important to obtain stable product quality.


3.Types of Roaster

 Categories: Sintering furnace for removing binder (organic matter calciner), electrode calciner and coating calciner.

(Note) If flammable gas is produced in the calciner, the measurement error of zirconia oxygen analyzer will be produced.For example, when 1% CO is contained, the reaction of 2CO+O 2_2CO 2 will occur near the sensor heated to 750 C, and the oxygen concentration value displayed at this time will be 0.5% lower than the actual value.