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From which aspects to choose the pressure transmitter?
Nov 01, 2018

Which aspects to choose from       

With the development of the economy, many industries gradually adopt electronic pressure gauges, commonly known as pressure transmitters, according to the working environment, media, temperature and other factors, in the selection of products must be considered in many ways. 1, the level of accuracy of any electronic meter will have precision error, each country region is the level of accuracy is not the same, Beijing Star Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. Precision grade and Europe and the United States to reach the same standard 2, the output signal at present due to a variety of acquisition needs, now the market most of the output signal there are many kinds, Main 4~20ma,0~20ma,0~10v,0~5v and so on, but more commonly used is 4~20ma and 0~10v two kinds, 3, the temperature of the medium to consider the product signal is through the electronic circuit part of the conversion, so under normal circumstances, the measurement medium temperature of the product is negative 30-100 degrees, 

If the temperature is too high, we can use a condensation bend to cool the medium, Beijing star sensor manufacturers to develop high-temperature-resistant products, the cost will be much lower.   

4, the range of general sensor measurement of the maximum range of the sensor's full scale is the best, that is, now to measure the pressure of 70bar, we select the range should be selected 100bar.   

5, the measurement of the medium usually we measure relatively clean fluid, then the direct use of the standard pressure transmitter can be, if you measure the medium is easy to crystallization or viscous, then we will use the external diaphragm or chemical seal used together, will effectively prevent the media from the pressure measurement hole. 6, the material of the liquid is the medium to be measured, usually the contact material used is 316 stainless steel, if your medium to 316 stainless steel is not corrosive, then basically you can be used to measure. If the contact medium to 316 stainless steel is corrosive, then the need to use a chemical seal, not only can measure the pressure of the medium, more effective to prevent the media and the product of the wetted parts of contact, thereby protecting, extending the life of the pressure transmitter

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