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Damage to the flowmeter by corrosive media
Nov 01, 2018

The high corrosiveness of the medium is a serious threat to the flowmeter, and only a few types of flowmeters such as a clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter against a highly corrosive flowmeter are less affected by corrosion.

a. Highly corrosive media corrode, damage, and lose function of critical components that are in direct contact with the flowmeter. For example, a highly corrosive medium causes damage to the diaphragm of the differential pressure transmitter, and the silicone oil leaks completely and fails completely. The electromagnetic flowmeter electrode causes leakage of the medium due to high corrosion, resulting in burning of the outer ring of the excitation line.

b. The key components of the flowmeter are subject to corrosion by highly corrosive media for a long time, which changes the geometry, resulting in reduced accuracy of the instrument. For example, after the rotor in the rotameter is corroded by the fluid, the outer shape is reduced, resulting in a low flow meter. In another example, the vortex generator in the vortex flowmeter is corroded by the fluid and the width dimension is reduced, and the surface of the upstream surface becomes rough, thereby causing a change in the flow coefficient. Even the clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter, which is less affected by highly corrosive media, often causes the emission and reception signals to become weak due to the pits of the inner wall of the metal tube being corroded by the medium, and the sensitivity is lost in severe cases.

c. Reduce the life of the flowmeter. For example, a tapered tube or the like in a metal tube rotameter has been worn out after a few years of use.

d. Leakage of highly corrosive media, if not detected in time, timely treatment, it is easy to cause safety and personal accidents