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New Release Version Of ABB System 800xA
Mar 26, 2020

ABB Ability™ System800xA 6.1 revolutionizes the way of engineering and commissioning of automation control projects. It allows tasks in engineering projects such as hardware and application engineering to be performed in parallel to facilitate project schedule optimization and reduce the impact of subsequent changes, while improving the official release of the system 800xA including SIL3TÜV-certified hardware, and also System 800xA was offline, AC800M HI controller, S800 HI I / O and high safety & integrated I / O hardware are optional.

System 800xA extends the key technology released by the previous version 6.1 of System 800xA-transforming traditional project execution solutions to safety systems. These products are certified in compliance with the latest safety standards, including IEC61508: 2010, IEC 61511: 2016 and IEC 62061: 2015.


Main release functions including:

1. Flexible I / O solution

Local, remote, fieldbus I / O

Single-channel Ethernet I / O

Multi-channel I / O based on Ethernet

IEC61850 ed2

2. Future project execution

Reduce the cost of large-scale projects by using single-channel I / O and software signal distribution technology to respond to future changes and rapid commissioning.

3. Newly added 2 high safety integrity controllers provide better alternative and cost-effective solutions:

PM857-optimized for small applications (up to 128 I/Os)

PM863-performance equivalent to PM865

Note: These new controllers and the existing PM867 support High Safety Integrity Select I / O and are RoHS compliant.