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Honeywell Works With Wood Group to Improve Refining Process Through Interconnected Plant Technology
Apr 03, 2019

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States, March 28, 2019 - Honeywell recently announced that it will cooperate with Wood Group to promote the commercialization of digital services through Honeywell Interconnected Factory Platform, helping refineries and petrochemical producers to improve operational safety, efficiency and reliability.


As a leading technology supplier in the oil and gas industry, Honeywell UOP and Wood Group have cooperated in the application of interconnected plant solutions to Wood Group's Foster Wheeler SYDECSM delayed coking technology, which converts heavy oil fractions into fuel fractions and other products. Globally, the number of delayed coking units designed and constructed by Wood Group is far higher than that of its peers and ranks first in the industry.


"Honeywell is our strategic partner in the field of interconnected factories. Together, we provide customers with the digital services they need." Bob MacDonald, chief executive of Wood Group's Professional Technology Solutions Business, said, "By building partnerships, we can use interconnected technology services to guide the efficient operation of delayed coking and other related processes, thereby improving profitability."


Honeywell interconnected plants help improve the operational safety, reliability, efficiency and profitability of oil and gas customers. The unique feature of this solution is that it combines the expertise of technology and abundant troubleshooting experience to recommend operation adjustment scheme for customers faster and more accurately than before, so as to keep the device in its best condition and achieve more stable operation.


Liu Maoshu, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell UOP Dubai of UAE, said: "The introduction of Wood Group technology into our product ecosystem has greatly expanded the business scope of Honeywell interconnection plant. According to the relevant agreements, Wood Group can provide interconnection services for its delayed coking customers, and Honeywell can digitally embed the delayed coking into Honeywell interconnected plant platform.


Under the cooperation agreement, Wood Group will become the technical partner of Honeywell Interconnection Plant, thus providing customers with more valuable solutions, making Honeywell Interconnection Plant the preferred platform for downstream oil and gas industry.


Wood Group is a global leader in providing projects, engineering design and technical services to energy and industrial markets. It provides performance-oriented solutions to customers throughout the life cycle of equipment from concept generation to final shutdown, covering oil and gas upstream, downstream, power and technology, environment and infrastructure, clean energy, mining, nuclear energy and general industry.