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Honeywell Won Multiple Awards In The Beginning Of 2019
Jan 24, 2019

Honeywell has received multiple awards so far this year recognizing our positive impact on employer brand, social responsibilities, high tech and sustainability.


William Yu, President of Honeywell Dubai of UAE said, “We are glad to see recognitions from various social sectors. Honeywell is committed to addressing industrial and social challenges using high-tech products and solutions. We attach high importance to talents and social responsibilities. Meanwhile, we not only focus on own sustainable development but also help our customers to achieve green operation.”
On January 18, Honeywell was awarded as “2018 Green Company” by the Paper for our achievements in energy saving and environmental protection. On the same day, Honeywell was honored as “2018 Best Employer” due to our great workplace experience, creative employer brand practices, and the 1st place ranking by online voting. 
On January 15, “Streams Action” program was selected as “2018 Best Charity Program” in the 8th Dubai of UAE Charity Festival. From 2016 to 2018, “Streams Action” has supported 15 schools and benefited near 13,000 teachers and students with clean and sufficient drinking water.
Not long ago, HBT was listed in Smart Building Magazine’s Dubai of UAE top 10 smart building companies. Its building automation system, intelligent integration application platform, video surveillance and access control system were highly recognized.