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Yokogawa Knowledge Base for Flow Rotamass
Dec 28, 2018

Question: What is the standard accuracy of the Rotamass?

Answer: The standard accuracy for mass flow measurement is 0.1% of flow rate for liquid and 0.5% for gas.


Question: Is the modbus communication option (/MB1) still available on the Rotamass?

Answer: The /MB1 option is no longer valid and was since replaced with the /MB3. A third modbus option (/MB2) is available but communication is limited to Modbus only. The MB3 option, includes HART communication, analogue output, pulse/status output and status input.


Question: Can I manufacture or purchase signal cable outside of Yokogawa to use with a remote flowtube and converter/transmitter?

Answer: No, the remote flowtube and electronics were designed for use with Yokogawa proprietary signal cable. Any other cable used would not be guaranteed to meet stated accuracy in the general specifications and would also void any and all warranties.


Question: Are there explosion proof versions of the Rotamass available?

Answer: The following approvals are currently available for the Rotamass; ATEX, FM, IECEx, EAC, INMETRO, NEPSI, and KOSHA.


Question: What type of flanges are available on the Rotamass?

Answer: EN, ASME, and JIS flanges are available as standard in addition to threaded and clamp connections. Other flanges available upon request.


Question: What is the standard I/O (input/output) for the Rotamass?

Answer: The Rotamass has two analog outputs, two pulse or status outputs and one status input as standard. Intrisically safe outputs and active (powered) pulse outputs are available as option codes. 


Question: Is there a maximum signal cable length for the remote flowtube and converter combination?

Answer: The maximum orderable cable length is 984 feet amd there is a limitation of 164 feet for FM applications.


Question: What wetted materials does Yokogawa offer for the Rotamass?

Answer: The Rotamass offers a combination of nickel-alloy c-22 (also called Hastelloy) and 316L stainless steel for the measuring tubes and process connection.