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Why DCS needs to be upgraded?
May 26, 2021

Hundreds of field instruments, valves, and operating interfaces are running in factories related to the process industry, all of which require efficient and reliable collaborative work. The heart of these is the Distributed Control System (DCS). DCS connects various instruments, actuators and field instruments to a unified automation control platform. In the case of unattended interruption, DCS must be able to operate reliably 24 hours a day for several years. Any unexpected fail may lead to a sharp drop in revenue and profits, and even cause safety accidents. Despite this, many factories are still running old or unsafe control systems. Because the life cycle of a factory is usually very long, many people have a fluke mentality of "if it doesn't break, it doesn't need to be maintained". But what are the consequences of not taking action? Over time of running, the availability of hardware or component drop,  risk of service support and operational efficiency will continue to increase. Some factories believe that upgrades are only necessary when necessary, while others treat upgrades as an opportunity to use latest advance technology.

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