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RXi modular display brings different visual experience
Mar 13, 2020

Recently, Emerson launched a new RXi modular industrial display product and tablet computer product portfolio, which is suitable for life science, metallurgy and mining, power and water, manufacturing and machinery industries, to help them realize process and plant visualization and optimize daily production process. Modular design can be used as the basis of industrial display platform to help users choose the right configuration according to the application requirements, and reduce the life cycle cost by using its flexibility, ease of use and field upgradeable functions. In addition, RXi shows the quick response of products, which can help operators improve their decision-making ability.

Emerson PLC industrial automation solution

RXi industrial display products can be used with Emerson's PLC, PAC solutions and third-party control systems. RXi industrial display product portfolio adopts standardized design to reduce the number of shell openings for OEM applications. It can be easily replaced and upgraded on site without modifying existing cabinets or installing new cabinets.

Kori price, product manager of industrial display products and computing platform of Emerson automation solution, said: "with the modular industrial display product portfolio of RXi, our customers can choose products of different sizes and applications according to their needs, and get the same experience. RXi industrial display products are not only strong and durable, but also have high performance and flexibility. "

Three types of products offer options for a variety of applications:

RXi - tablet contains a high-performance and robust industrial PC with strong computing power;

RXi - industrial monitor can cooperate with most industrial or commercial PCs to realize plant visualization;

RXi - web panel provides easy access to web based applications.

Display product sizes range from 7 "to 24", providing an independent and scalable platform for a variety of operations and applications. All models have capacitive multi touch projection screens that operate in - 20 ° C to 65 ° C (- 4 ° f to 149 ° f) environments, as well as optional sizes of sun readable screens.

Emerson RXi modular industrial display product portfolio has passed a variety of certification, can achieve high performance in harsh environment, and has passed IP66 certification, dust-proof and waterproof