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ABB FMT400 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

ABB FMT400 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

    ABB FMT400 thermal mass flowmeter offers a high quality and cost effective solution for precise and dynamic direct mass flow measurements of gases in low and medium pressure conditions to meet the needs of all industrial standard applications. And the FMT450 adds high accuracy and extended functionality for advanced industrial applications. Both integral and remote mount design is available with or without local display and HART communication supporting the modular I/O and the SmartSensor concept. Both models offer easy to understand diagnostic messages for improved operator efficiency. The SensyMaster FMT430 is ideally suited for all industrial standard applications, the FMT450 for advanced industrial application.
    Brand: ABB
    Place of origin: Dubai of UAE/Italy
    Delivery: 8 to10 weeks