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DO880 Digital Output Module

DO880 Digital Output Module

    The ABB DO880 digital output module has 16 channels for 24 V d.c. current sourcing outputs in one isolated group, redundant or single configuration, loop monitoring, supervision of short and open load with configurable limits (see table 97).Diagnostic of output switches without pulsing on outputs and advanced on-board diagnostics, output status indicators (activated/error). The DO880 is degraded mode for normally energized channels (supported from DO880 PR:G), current limitation at short circuit and over-temperature protection of switches and ault tolerance of 1 (as defined in IEC 61508) for output drivers. For ND (Normally De-energized) systems, outputs can still be controlled with error on output drivers, certified for SIL3 according to IEC 61508, certified for Category 4 according to EN 954-1.
    Brand: ABB
    Place of origin: Sweden
    Delivery: 8 to 10 weeks